Rick McCallum was the face of Star Wars for almost two decades. He was the lead producer on the Special Editions, the Prequel Trilogy and, unlike George Lucas, was the guy talking about the films in public. Now, the former Lucasfilm employee will shepherd a totally new vision in sci-fi: R’Ha.

R’Ha is based on a short film of the same directed by Kaleb Lechowski, who is attached to direct the feature. While the short centers on an interrogation between a non-human alien and an enemy machine (think Goro from Mortal Kombat vs. a sentinel from The Matrix), the feature will expand on the central idea of the R’Ha race defending their solar system from invasion. There are no humans in the film.

Matthew Graham, co-creator of the original Life on Mars and writer on the shelved Star Wars TV show, is penning the screenplay. Read more, and watch the original short, below. Read More »