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Another spy movie with a surprisingly generic name is coming to the big screen.

Bradley Cooper is set to star in Matt Helm, a spy thriller film based on Donald Hamilton’s series of novels published from the ’60s to the ’90s. The adaptation has been in the works at Paramount for nearly 10 years now, but is finally moving forward with a new writer on board.

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Two stories are coming together here. Not too long ago we told you about Matt Helm, the project that Steven Spielberg wanted to direct before he signed on to Harvey. Then just a week ago we told you about Gary Seabiscuit Ross taking on the Spider-Man spin-off Venom for Sony. Now it looks like things are being shuffled around once again, as some insider info pegs Ross as the director of Matt Helm, and that he’ll do that before Venom. Read More »

Spielberg Will Produce, Not Direct Matt Helm


Over the past 12 hours a little speculation has emerged about the next directorial effort by Steven Spielberg. A report in Variety suggested he could be taking the reigns of Matt Helm. But there were issues with relationships between studios, as Matt Helm, based on Donald Hamilton’s 1960s counter-agent who starred in a series of 27 books, was developed by Dreamworks and orphaned at Paramount when the studios split last year. The idea of Spielberg taking on a modern version of the character was interesting, but now it seems he’ll only produce. What happened there?

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