‘X-Men’ Live-Action TV Series Brewing at Fox

X-men 2

Everyone’s favorite mutant superhero team could be coming to the small screen. Fox is looking to develop an X-Men live-action series, with a team that includes 24 producers Manny Coto and Evan Katz and Star Trek 3 scribes Patrick McKay and JD Payne. More on the X Men live action series after the jump.  Read More »

Is ‘Dexter’ Headed to the Big Screen?

November’s announcement that Showtime had renewed Dexter for two more seasons came with the hint that the eighth could be the last, but it seems at least one person involved with the show isn’t too sure. Executive producer Manny Coto says the show isn’t “really looking at an exit strategy right now,” and even floated the idea of a movie centered around America’s favorite serial killer. Oh, man. Considering that even the most diehard fans I know have bemoaned the decline in quality in recent seasons, might it not be time to mercy-kill the poor guy already? More details after the jump.

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