Briefly: Hollywood’s Magic Castle — that private magic club that is home to Academy of Magical Arts — was recently revealed as the location for a new film. The movie has the working title Magic Castle (surprise!), but that’s just about all we’ve known of it, other than that the film was born out of a new representation deal the organization signed with CAA. Andrew Barrer and Gabe Ferrari are writing, but the details of their script are being kept more secret than the explanation of how the old “saw a woman in half” trick works. (“Fake legs?!”)

Now THR reports that McG is set to direct the film, which, after his most recent picture This Means War, might help set your expectation level somewhat. This won’t be McG’s next film; that’s Three Days to Kill, which stars Kevin Costner. That’s scheduled to shoot soon, and then in February, when it is done, McG will have a flunky open the door to the Magic Castle and he’ll make it his own.


Don’t confuse this with Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Night at the Museum-style film in which a Disney theme park comes to life at night. No, Magic Castle — or whatever this film may be called — is based on a private nightclub in Hollywood housed in a century-old building (old for LA standards!) that hosts magicians and their guests. The Franklin Ave. mansion houses the headquarters of the Academy of Magical Arts Inc. and “serves as a nightclub and performance space for magicians.”

Now the company that runs the club has signed with CAA and is looking to promote the club’s identity in TV, film, video games, and other media. And so Ted Field (Arachnophobia, Jumanji, Cocktail) and Radar Pictures are developing a film around the club. Read More »