castle rock season 2 review

Castle Rock returns to Hulu with a whole new story set in the world of Stephen King. The show’s anthology format allows Castle Rock to focus on a different King-inspired tale, with all new characters, every season – and season 2 promises to dig even deeper into the prolific horror writer’s bibliography. While season 1 was only tangibly connected to King’s books – merely using familiar characters and locations – season 2 goes further, pulling storylines directly from King’s books Misery and ‘Salem’s Lot. The end result is a blend of creepy and curious. There’s plenty of spooky stuff afoot, but Castle Rock never manages to be scary. And Misery and ‘Salem’s Lot, two vastly different King novels, make for strange bedfellows.

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truth be told trailer

Podcasting can be a dangerous vocation – especially if you’re a true crime podcaster who may have accidentally condemned an innocent man to life in prison for a murder he did not commit. And even more so if you are that podcaster who decides to re-examine said murder case and uncovers even more secrets. Octavia Spencer stars as this podcaster in Truth Be Told, the upcoming Apple TV+ crime series that posits the question: what if Serial actually came up with a concrete answer?

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Shawarma wasn’t the only post-script to the climactic battle in The Avengers. A couple found a discarded alien gun and went on a crime spree too, with S.H.I.E.L.D in hot pursuit. That’s the story you’ll see in Item 47, a Marvel one-shot short film starring Jesse Bradford and Lizzie Caplan as the couple and Maximiliano Hernández and Titus Welliver as the S.H.I.E.L.D agents on call.

The film screened at Comic-Con and will be an extra on The Avengers Blu-ray in September. Until then, though, you can check out the poster for the film as well as two clips. Also, the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Phase One: Avengers Assembled Box Set has been fully revealed including brand new DVD art for each movie. It’s all right after the jump. Read More »