Bad Trip

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The Movie: Bad Trip

Where You Can Stream It: Netflix

The Pitch: From one of the guys that brought you Jackass and Bad Grandpa, this hidden camera comedy follows best friends Chris and Bud (Eric André and Lil Rey Howery) as they go on a cross-country road trip to pursue one of their high school sweethearts. Meanwhile, Tiffany Haddish is in hot pursuit as Bud’s escaped convict sister, who is pissed that her hot pink car has been taken without her permission. But this isn’t just your average buddy road trip comedy. Along the way, the narrative includes inventive pranks on real, unsuspecting people, pulling its real-life audience into the mayhem.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: Sacha Baron Cohen has perfected the hidden camera comedy that pulls real people into insane situations with cringeworthy results in the Borat film franchise. However, Jackass and Bad Grandpa producer Jeff Tremaine and director Kitao Sakurai get a little more wild and crazy with their stunts in the narrative-driven prank movie Bad Trip. That’s not the surprising part though. What will really catch you off guard is that no matter how raunchy and inappropriate Bad Trip gets, it’s full of kindhearted, helpful people willing to lend a hand in some truly shocking and awkward scenarios. Read More »