Film producer and studio executive Laura Ziskin died Sunday, succumbing to a seven-year battle with breast cancer. As one of Hollywood’s most notable producers, Ziskin was a driving force behind films as varied and notable as Pretty Woman, Hero, As Good as It Gets, and the Spider-Man films. In addition, she was a vocal advocate for cancer research, co-founding Stand Up to Cancer in 2008. Ziskin was 61.

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The Robber, from Austrian director Benjamin Heisenberg, hasn’t had time to establish a presence in the States — it just opened in Germany in March after a premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. A few local festival appearances, like ones at the Seattle and New York Film Festivals, is all the release the movie has had here. But Sony has picked up rights to remake the film anyway, so we could soon see a domestic version of the tale about marathon runner Johann Rettenberger, who had a habit of robbing banks in between marathons. Read More »

The defining screen take on the collapse of energy company Enron is currently the documentary Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. But there is a UK stage version of the story, a satirical take called simply Enron, that has been optioned by producer Laura Ziskin. To the chagrin of the UK company, she has attached George Clooney to produce a screen version, which he will possibly direct. Read More »