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Here’s a quick update on Tuesday’s Paranormal Activity news. Yes, there was a Paranormal Activity film scheduled for release this year and yes, it has now been moved to January 4, 2014. That film was not Paranormal Activity 5, however. It’s the still-untitled Latino centric Paranormal Activity spin-off, which exists in the same world but is mostly unrelated. That film was directed by Paranormal Activity 2-4 writer Christopher Landon.

As for a fifth film in the main franchise, producers have yet to come up with a satisfactory idea yet, so there’s no script or director. All signs point to Paranormal Activity 2-4 editor Greg Plotkin as the man for the job, though. There’s no release date set, but October 2014 seems likely. [The Wrap]

Paranormal Activity 4

UPDATE: In fact, it’s the Latino Paranormal Activity spin-off that has been moved. The original article follows as is.

Over the past four years, Paramount Pictures has released a Paranormal Activity film each October, creating a new Halloween tradition. This year the plan was to do the same with Paranormal Activity 5, which is currently scheduled for release on October 25. However, it’s now July and with just over three months until that date, we have yet to hear a peep about the film. No director, stars, nothing. Though the film has reportedly been shot, it seems Paramount is not going to rush the release. They’re now likely to release the movie in January. Read More »

So far, the scariest thing about Paranormal Activity 5 may be how little anyone involved with it claims to know about it. We are talking about a movie that’s due out in just under nine months. After the jump:

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Fans who stayed through the credits of this weekend’s hit film Paranormal Activity 4 were treated to a curious Spanish speaking coda teasing a brand new sequel. However that sequel will not be Paranormal Activity 5. That’s now officially coming in October 2013, but Latino themed film teased will actually an additional spinoff scheduled for release in Spring 2013. As previously reported, it’s being written and directed by Christopher Landon (Disturbia) and will draw from Catholic paranormal mythology. It’s set in the same world, will be in English about the same ghost, but will not continue the story of Katie, Hunter and the stars of the first four films. Read more after the jump. Read More »

The Paranormal Activity franchise has proved a boon for Paramount, thanks to the films’ low budgets, high box office grosses, and quick production schedules. But the real magic ingredient may be the series’ surprising ability to keep expanding mythology of the relatively simple first film. Paranormal Activity 2 and 3 kept things fresh by filling in the blanks left by the first movie, and this month’s Paranormal Activity 4 promises to build on that foundation by picking back up with Katie and Hunter.

So naturally, the studio’s been thinking up ways to keep expanding the Paranormal universe, perhaps even after Katie and Hunter’s tale comes to an end. (Whenever that may be.) A new report indicates that Paramount is looking to offer a peek of a Latino-themed Paranormal spinoff within the credits of Paranormal Activity 4. More after the jump.

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