legends of the hidden temple casts kirk fogg

A few weeks ago, we learned that Nickelodeon is reviving Legends of the Hidden Temple as a TV movie and ’90s nostalgia began to flare up all over the internet. Grown men and women – sitting in cubicles, inching through rush hour, preparing for important dates, attending secret sex parties in secluded mansions – all paused whatever they were doing as they flashed back to a simpler time. A time when watching children endure physically punishing and humiliating tasks so they could maybe, possibly, get the chance to have the crap scared out of them by men dressed as “temple guards” made for compelling television.

Now, all of those ’90s kids better steady themselves again because Kirk Fogg, the original host of the show, has been cast in the new movie. Because apparently continuity matters in the Legends of the Hidden Temple cinematic universe.

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