Miss Hokusai clip

Even if the name Hokusai doesn’t ring a bell, you’re definitely familiar with his work. He’s the artist behind The Great Wave off Kanagawa, perhaps the most famous work in Japanese art history — you’ve seen the image in museums and books and gift shops and dorm room posters. But he’s not the real subject of Miss Hokusai. Instead, the new animated feature from GKIDS centers on O-Ei, his daughter and apprentice and an artist in her own right.

Directed by Keiichi HaraMiss Hokusai unfolds in a magical realist version of 19th century Japan. Hokusai is already a man of great reputation, but he’s not working alone. O-Ei is the real hand behind many of the works credited to him, and she also cares for her blind younger sister O-Nao when she’s not helping out her father. This movie isn’t one for the kids — the film doesn’t gloss over the fact that Hokusai was also known for his erotic art, including the iconic The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife — but adults might find a lot to admire about this gorgeously animated coming-of-age tale. We’re happy to debut an exclusive Miss Hokusai clip, which you can see below.

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