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In this edition of TV Bits:

  • TNT Renews Animal Kingdom for a Sixth and Final Season.
  • Lost in Space season 3 has wrapped.
  • HBO Max has ordered a TV series about Julia Child.
  • Doogie Howser Reboot Doogie Kameloha, M.D. casts Peyton Elizabeth Lee as series lead.
  • Watch a trailer for the Anna Paquin Amazon series Flack.

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Julia Child TV show cast

Joan Cusack was all set to play famous author and chef Julia Child in an upcoming HBO Max pilot, but since she left the project, the show needed a new cook in the kitchen. Now the fledgling streaming service has found a new star for the show. Get the details below. Read More »

tilda swinton julia

Do you want to disappoint Tilda Swinton? No, of course you don’t. Over the weekend, the actress took part in a Reddit AMA to promote her new film Snowpiercer. During the session she gave many charming and informative answers to a wide variety of questions. Asked about an unappreciated movie of hers that she hopes more people might see, she wrote enthusiastically about Erick Zonca‘s 2008 film Julia.

The movie, inspired by John Cassavetes’ Gloria, features Swinton in the lead role as a woman who kidnaps a young boy in hopes of ransoming him for a large amount of money. Below, read her comments, and watch the trailer for the film.

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This Week in DVD & Blu-ray is a column that compiles all the latest info regarding new DVD and Blu-ray releases, sales, and exclusive deals from stores including Target, Best Buy and Fry’s.

Please don’t take the commentary on the movies and TV shows too seriously, as they’re meant not to be reviews but rather previews that include the general thoughts and ramblings of a twice-committed DVD addict. The categories represent solely the author’s intentions towards the films at hand, and are in no way meant to be a reflection on what he thinks other people should rent or buy. So if he ends up putting a movie you like in the “Skip it” section without having seen it, please keep in mind that the time you could spend leaving a spiteful but ultimately futile comment could instead be used for more pleasant things in life. Like buying DVDs.

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There are only so many worthwhile storylines you can wring out of a premise before the concept starts growing stale, and it’s because of this that I approached the airing of Dexter’s third season with severe trepidation. The knockout first two seasons had already tackled some pretty hefty topics, both of which tied in significantly with Dexter’s past and current struggles. What else was there left to explore in the life of Dexter…? A lot, apparently. Season 3 of Dexter may take a little while to get going, but it does so only to make the payoff that much more satisfying. The build-up of the relationship between Dexter and Miguel Prado (played by Jimmy Smits) introduces a fascinating dynamic to the show, and seeing how it factors into Dexter’s slow but progressive emotional transformation is as engaging as ever. Unlike some people, I probably wouldn’t call Dexter one of the best shows on television, but it’s solid trashy fun that has a brain to boot. My only real frustration with it stems from Deb, Dexter’s unbelievably annoying sister. Hopefully, the fourth season of the show will include her dying in a horrifically graphic and painful fashion. Fingers crossed!
Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: DVD & Blu-ray – Interviews and book excerpts from “Dexter by Design”.

Target Best Buy Fry’s
$26.99 $24.99 $18.29
Amazon – $20.49

Target Best Buy Fry’s
$36.99 $39.99 $36.77
Amazon – $36.99

What? Exclusive 60-minute cast Q&A panel from Comic-Con.
Where? Target.

What? Exclusive packaging.
Where? Best Buy.

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