Once upon a time, Warner Bros. was thinking of making a movie based on Neil Gaiman‘s comic book series Sandman. This confused many people, as Sandman is a wide-ranging collection of stories and characters that does not at all lend itself to a Big Studio Movie. You think Watchmen came out a little wonky? Translating Sandman to the screen makes adapting Watchmen seem like a breeze.

Anyway, the movie didn’t happen, perhaps because the most confused people were at Warner Bros. Neil Gaiman did spend time at one point trying to explain the series to the suits, and commissioned a big suite of images to help get the idea across. Those images are now online. They’re more a slideshow encapsulation of the grand scope of Sandman than true concept art, and those who know the series well will recognize moments from many of the major story arcs from the series’ 75-issue run. Read More »

The old indie comic nerd in me is pretty happy to see an Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson book being optioned and developed for a feature film. The source material is Beasts of Burden, and the plan is for Reel FX, a company  started by ex-ILM and Walden Media execs, to produce a CGI animated film, with Andrew Adamson producing. Read More »