jason scott lee mulan interview

It’s been 26 years since Jason Scott Lee last starred in a Disney live-action remake, as the hero Mowgli in 1994’s The Jungle Book. But in the live-action remake of Mulan, he’s playing the villain. And not just any bad guy – one of the best bad guys of Disney’s animated films. But Lee relishes finally getting a chance to play a villain in a Disney film, even if it took more than two decades to do so.

“As an actor, you want that diversity, you want that contrast, otherwise it’s so boring,” Lee told /Film in an interview over Zoom. “You know you want to play the funny guy, you want to be the hero, you want to be the bad guy.”

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mulan cast

A former Disney hero will soon become the next Disney villain. Jason Scott Lee, who played Mowgli in the 1994 The Jungle Book, has been cast as a villain in Disney’s live-action adaptation of Mulan.

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2 Trailer

It’s been 15 years since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon hit theaters. And while that might seem a little late for a sequel, Hollywood has been obsessed with returning to dormant films for new franchise opportunities. Upon first inspection, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2 doesn’t seem like the most obvious cash grab for Netflix, but there’s a good chance this movie will play big overseas.

Now you can see if this will be something worth checking out as the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2 trailer has just debuted, showing off plenty of flying and flipping sword-fighting action that everyone loved from the first film. Read More »