Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t married, but he’s about to be unfaithful to his frequent collaborator Martin Scorsese. The pair met up via satellite in Hollywood this weekend to discuss several of their collaborations and each got to talking about their upcoming projects. Scorsese offered up some thoughts on Hugo Cabret (“It’s going,” he said) and DiCaprio said that “infidelity is in place” because he will be working with director Clint Eastwood on their long gestating J. Edgar Hoover bio-pic in “maybe January or February.” That’s right in line with what the man who wrote the film, Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black (Milk), said a few months ago. Read more about this event and everything we know so far about this pairing of titans. Read More »

dicaprio hoover

Last week it was reported that Leonardo DiCaprio had signed on to star in a biopic of original FBI director J. Edgar Hoover directed by Clint Eastwood.  Today at the press conference for Inception, DiCaprio was asked about the potential upcoming project, and the star confirmed that he is in talks for the role:

“Yeah, I’m talking to Clint Eastwood about playing J. Edgar Hoover, who had his hand in some of the most scandelous events in American history — everything from the Vietnam war to [John] Dillinger to Martin Luther King and JFK. It’s about the secret life of J Edgar Hoover.”

Dicaprio also confirmed that the story will span Hoover’s life/career. But will he wear a dress? Answer after the jump!

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