IngloUrious BastErds

The Weinstein Co today sent out a press release announcing last week’s start of production on Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming WWII film Inglourious Basterds. You might notice that both words are misspelled, much like the early screenplay that got leaked onto the internet a few months back. That is the official title of the film, likely in an attempt to distinguish itself from the 1978 Enzo Castellari film which inspired Tarantino.

You can read the full press release after the jump, which features a full cast and crew listing. New additions to the cast list include: Omar Doom and Michael Bacall (from Death Proof), Julie Dreyfus (Sophie Fatale from Kill Bill), Cloris Leachman (from The Mary Tyler Moore Show), and many others. Photo above thanks to Tarantino Archives. It is also worth mentioning that an Inglourious Basterds poster has again begun to circulate the internet movie sites. It has the wrong title spelling, so I’m pretty sure it’s fan created.
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If you’ve read the script, admit it: you’re friggin’ giddy over a farmhouse photo. The beauty of Tarantino is that the man is a perfectionist, a mad hatter for realizing violent fairy tales that make reality his gimpy bitch. The Quentin Tarantino Archives has the first shots of the newly constructed French farmhouse that will open Inglorious Bastards in a soon-to-be-classic and nail-biting fashion. The window on the far right will presumably frame and foreshadow a showdown between the female main character and the Jew Hunter. Smell the glove!

Apparently the title’s spelling is not changing: Inglourious Basterds it is. We feel for the theater employees who have to add a “[sic]” to the marquee.

Michael Fassbender Cast in Inglorious Bastards

Michael Fassbender, who played Stelios in 300, is now in talks for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming World War II film Inglorious Bastards. Fassbander is German and speaks the language fluently. So lets recap: Brad Pitt is signed on to star. Mike Myers and Eli Roth are also on board, and Nastassja Kinski, David Krumholtz and B.J. Novak are still in talks to join the cast.

source: Variety

Simon Pegg won’t be appearing in Quentin Tarantino‘s Inglorious Bastards after all. This is really a shame, because aside from Brad Pitt, he was my second favorite actor involved with the project. One thing is for sure, he would have made those scenes with Mike Myers a lot more watchable. When the story was first reported by the trades, it was reported that Pegg was “in talks” to join the cast. Usually when this information is leaked to the industry newspapers, it is close to a done deal, but every once in a while this hapens. Tarantino is rushing Bastards into production in October, and Pegg had schedule conflicts.

“Much to our mutual disappointment, I won’t be appearing in QT’s forthcoming Inglorious Bastards due to insurmountable scheduling difficulties. We really tried to make it work but in the end, it just was not possible without severe ramifications elsewhere,” Pegg wrote on his blog. “I’m trying to remain upbeat, as Tom Selleck said ‘Who the hell is Indiana Jones anyway?'”

But there is some good news. Superbad director Greg Mottola has signed on to direct Simon’s next film, Paul. Written and starring Pegg and Nick Frost, the story is a road movie about two British comic book geeks that get into an adventure across America. I’ve also heard that Pegg and Frost will reverse their dynamic, and PEgg will actually be playing the sidekick in this one. Edgar Wright is not involved. Mottola just got done directing Adventureland, which will hit theaters next year. I’m very interested to see what a Nick and Simon comedy will look and feel like without Edgar.

UPDATE: Simon Pegg has dropped out of Inglorious Bastards due to “scheduling difficulties,” per the brief explanation on his MySpace.

OMG, Neal Schweiber is going to fight the Führer! Actor, Samm Levine, forever a babyface and best known for his role on Freaks and Geeks, is set to star as a Nazi-slaying U.S. soldier in Quentin Tarantino‘s Inglorious Bastards. The casting news was confirmed by AICN. His role was not specified. However, the site also reported that David Krumholtz, who played Samm’s older bro on Freaks, will not be in the film as rumored.

Levine’s casting continues QT’s comedy-skewing trend for his WWII blow-out, following Michael Myers’s bit part as a British general, Simon Pegg as a Bastard, The Office‘s B.J. Novak as a Bastard, and the oft-cornball, Eli Roth, as the Bear Jew. Brad Pitt will lead this formidable gang on a mission to “git 100 Nazi scalps” and face off against the Jew Hunter, a part that is still available for a German actor.

Meanwhile, The Guardian reports that German critics are getting into a fuss about the leaked script’s depiction of all Germans as evil people who need to be crushed. Apparently, the lack of a distinction between Nazi soldiers and regular German ones causes concern. Blah blah. We’ll let the Bear Jew decide. Also, Tarantino is said to have met with German actors Daniel Brühl (age 30, The Bourne Ultimatum) and Til Schweiger (age 45, Bye Bye Harry). Inglorious Bastards begins shooting near Berlin this October.

Discuss: Will Neal bring his dummy to battle? For our German readers who have read the script, do these critics have a point?

Tarantino Archives
is reporting that Mike Myers has been cast in a small role in Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming war film Inglorious Bastards.

Update: Variety later confirmed that Myers will British General Ed French, “a military mastermind who takes part in hatching a plot to wipe out Nazi leaders.”

It’s interesting to note the comedic casting choices so far: Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead), BJ Nowak (The Office), and some also might argue that Eli Roth has a comic delivery.

Adam Sandler was also long rumored to be in line for a role in the film. However, Sandler confirmed to RTE that he was offered a part but regretfully had to decline due to a schedule conflict with the upcoming Judd Apatow’s comedy.

What do you think of Mike Myers being cast in a Tarantino movie? I’m convinced that Myer’s best days are behind him but maybe Tarantino sees something I don’t.

Brad Pitt has officially signed on to star as Aldo Raine in Quentin Tarantino‘s World War II film Inglorious Bastards. The story follows a group of of Jewish-American soldiers, lead by Pitt’s character – a Tennessee hillbilly, whose mission is to take down a group of Nazis. Pitt will join Eli Roth as Sgt. Donnie Donowitz, and B.J. Novak, who is in talks to play PFC Utivich. Simon Pegg, Nastassja Kinski and David Krumholtz are also in talks. The film will begin production on October 13th 2008 in Germany.

source: Variety

B.J. Novak Cast in Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards

It looks like we might be in the full swing of the line-up reveal of Quentin Tarantino‘s Inglorious Bastards. Yesterday it was revealed that friend and horror director Eli Roth was in talks to play Sgt. Donnie Donowitz. And tonight is was released in the trades that The Office star B.J. Novak is in talks to play PFC Utivich, a New York-born soldier of “slight build”. I’m guessing that we will continue to get announcements on a daily basis leading into next week.

The film is expected to begin principal photography this Fall in Europe. Tarantino has publicly expressed interest in having the film ready for Cannes in May 2009, but that might be cutting things a bit close.

I havent gotten a chance to watch The Office (I know.. I know…), so I have no real observation or opinion on BJ’s casting, other than to say that it seems a bit unexpected. So I leave the question to you the /Film readers – What do you think about B.J. Novak cast in a Quentin Tarantino film?

Eli Roth in Inglorious Bastards

You’ll never guess who Quentin Tarantino has lined up to star in his epic World War II film Inglorious Bastards

Horror director Eli Roth

Roth will play the role of Sgt. Donnie Donowitz., a baseball bat-swinging Nazi hunter. Most of you probably remember that Roth also had a small part in Tarantino’s last film Death Proof. And by most of you, I mean the 4 million people that saw Grindhouse.

You can hate Roth’s movies all you want, but you have to give this guy credit as a personality. Roth can talk and out story-tell the best of them. I’ve seen him in person many times, and he has a command of almost any audience. There is no denying that he has a charismatic film geek charm. If Tarantino can exploit this, instead of having Roth spout off the normal over-wordy dialogue, it could end up being the surprise performance of the film. On the other hand, Hunter wanted me to mention that it is “the worst decision ever.” And honestly, he might very well be right. It could go easily go either way.

Tarantino is expected to announce the full cast shorty. As has already been reported, Brad Pitt is is talks to play the leader of the rogue Jewish-American soldier group. Plans to cast Leonardo DiCaprio as SS Col. Hans Landa have been scrapped in favor of casting a German actor.

Discuss: I’m sure many of you disagree with my opinion of Roth’s potential, so lets hear it – who would ahve been a better choice for the role?

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Universal Gets Inglorious Bastards

Breaking News: Universal Pictures have partnered with The Weinstein Co to produce Quentin Tarantino‘s World War II film Inglorious Bastards. Oh, and there was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Southern California… According to Variety, Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein met with five studios last week, and ended up choosing Universal over Paramount. Seems like a bad decision to me since a film like this needs a strong marketing team behind it, something neither the Weinstein’s or Universal seems to have. Paramount would have been the better choice in the respect. Heck, look what they have done for DreamWorks. Principal photography is scheduled to begin this fall in Germany and France, with both Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprico in talks to star.

photo courtesy of fuenf-filmfreunde