Francis Lawrence to Shrink Down for In the Small


Here’s another comics property that Francis Lawrence is said to be developing into a feature film, alongside the future-fied Sgt. Rock. If it comes to fruition, In the Small will be an adaptation of the Michael Hague graphic novel about an odd phenomenon called”the blue flash”, a kind of explosive cataclysm that shrinks any humans, and only humans, caught in its blast to 1/12 scale, as per a 6″ GI Joe. As far as I can tell from the info available online, the story focuses on a pair of the survivors, the teenaged siblings Mouse and Beat, who embark on separate quests while trying to survive a suddenly alien world filled with fresh dangers – ie. house cats, I’d guess.

Stories about man being removed from a position of privilege at the top of the food chain, be it by security breaches at the Dinosaur theme park, alien invasion or miniaturisation, are always rich with potential, I think. Unfortunately, a great deal of them fail to really get into the rich and resonant ideas lurking below the surface well enough. Time for another try, Hollywood.

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