Nintendo has some of the most well-known video game characters in the world, and you’d think that the company would be happy to turn them into feature movie stars. But the company’s first major foray into the film world turned into quite an embarrassment. Super Mario Brothers really hurt the chances for other Nintendo characters to make the leap to the big screen.

That hasn’t stopped companies from trying to get Nintendo’s attention, however, and several years ago the once-troubled company Imagi (TMNT, Astro Boy) pitched Nintendo on a Legend of Zelda film. A video that is billed as the animated Zelda pitch reel has shown up online, courtesy of former Imagi DP and layout supervisor Adam Holmes.

The design in the pitch is close to the look of Twilight Princess, which was the current Zelda release at the time.  Check out the reel below. Read More »

The capitalist world is in a new kind of mess, and filmmakers are getting stiffed in the stink just like everybody else.

The highest profile case was possibly David O. Russell’s Nailed, which was shut down on multiple occaisons over funding shortages; Spielberg’s Tintin also suffered from notorious trouble raising it’s budget too; and just this week, Spielberg had to dip into his own pocket to help fluff up the Dreamworks coffers.  Less obviously though, there will have been several close calls behind the scenes, and Forbes magazine have detailed just one: the production of Imagi’s Astro Boy.

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