French Iron Man 2 Poster WhiplashIn this week’s /Filmcast, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Adam Quigley assess the history of Matthew Vaughn’s relationship with the X-Men franchise and discuss the frightening implications of straight-to-TV movies. Special guest Vince Mancini joins us from FilmDrunk.

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This Week in DVD & Blu-ray is a column that compiles all the latest info regarding new DVD and Blu-ray releases, sales, and exclusive deals from stores including Target, Best Buy and Fry’s.

Please don’t take the commentary on the movies and TV shows too seriously, as they’re meant not to be reviews but rather previews that include the general thoughts and ramblings of a twice-committed DVD addict. The categories represent solely the author’s intentions towards the films at hand, and are in no way meant to be a reflection on what he thinks other people should rent or buy. So if he ends up putting a movie you like in the “Skip it” section without having seen it, please keep in mind that the time you could spend leaving a spiteful but ultimately futile comment could instead be used for more pleasant things in life. Like buying DVDs.

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There’s no getting around it: this was easily the show’s most hit-or-miss season thus far. With episodes like “Who Pooped the Bed?”, the joke behind which is already summed up by the title and never extends beyond that for the entire duration, and “The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell”, which takes place in the 1700’s and is exactly as tired a sitcom premise as it seems, this is the first time where I’ve disliked some of the series’ episodes enough that I literally have zero interest in revisiting them. It’s odd then, that this season also features a number of the show’s best episodes. “The Nightman Cometh”, in which Charlie extends his Nightman song into a full-fledged rock opera, is just as hilarious as the musical number that inspired it. “The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis” features one of the most hilarious moments of television I’ve ever seen, with a cowboy-hat wearing Charlie yelling “Wildcard, bitches!” and leaping out the back of a van. The real winner though is this season’s two-parter, “Mac & Charlie Die”, which might just be the best thing that’s come out of the show to date. It’s worth noting that both this episode and “The Nightman Cometh” were scripted solely by the show’s original creators: Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, and Glenn Howerton (who, for those few who don’t know, are also the show’s three male leads). The weak episodes, meanwhile, were scripted primarily by the show’s more recently introduced writers, who came on board at the start of Season 3. I doubt the decline in quality since then is just a coincidence. Regardless, even with a slightly weaker season overall, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia remains one of the funniest shows on TV, and I feel no hesitance in adding this latest DVD set to my collection.
Blu-ray? No.
Notable Extras: The Nightman Cometh Live!, Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life, and a blooper reel.

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$26.99 $24.99 N/A
Amazon – $25.99

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state_of_play1In this episode of the /Filmcast, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley weigh the stupidity of Fox’s multiple Wolverine endings, speculate on David Slade’s capacity to direct Eclipse, and grow ever more dubious of McG’s credibility. Special guests Tyler Smith and David Bax join us from the Battleship Pretension podcast.

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One of Independent Film Festival Boston’s “After Hours” selections, Paul Solet’s Grace screened to a packed theater at the Brattle at midnight this past Saturday. Grace tells the story of Madeline Matheson (Jordan Ladd), whose unborn child is killed in a tragic accident. Nonetheless, Madeline insists on carrying the baby to term. The baby emerges stillborn but shortly afterwards, it miraculously comes back to life. Madeline names the baby Grace, but finds that she’s not like other babies, and possesses a terrible hunger that Madeline will do everything she can to satisfy.
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Horror fanatics among you might have already heard about Paul Solet’s audacious debut film, Grace, which has been generating obscene amounts of buzz on the festival circuit (screenings of the film have reportedly even resulted in some people fainting). Last night, I saw the film at a packed midnight screening at the Brattle Theater as part of Independent Film Festival Boston and found the overall experience to be exciting and tense. Those of you hankering for a horror film that will make you deeply uncomfortable have a lot to look forward to in this film. While the movie’s theatrical prospects currently remain unclear, I had the privilege to chat with Paul this afternoon about the future DVD release of his film. Look for a brief review of Grace and my full video interview with Paul in the near future. In the meantime, hit the jump for some details that he revealed about the future DVD release for the film.
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I know I’ve already said in previous posts that I’d be leaving all of the Sundance updates to Peter seeing as he’s actually there and I’m here, half a world away in Oxford, England, and only dreaming of Skiing, Mormons and four-films-a-day exhaustion, but this one is of particular interest to me so I wanted to chip in on it.  I’m not sure if there’s more to this story than meets the eye, or if there’s even less, but either way I think it warrants discussion.

Last night, Paul Solet‘s horror film Grace was premiered at The Egyptian Theatre, Park City, Utah. During the question and answer session after the film, one of the festival volunteers declared “Must have been a good movie because we had two people faint during the screening”; sometime later, the film’s producer, Adam Green, sent an e-mail to ShockTillYouDrop, thus: “Two faints. One outside and one in the lobby. Egyptian owner confirmed that in 10 years it’s the first time it’s happened. Amazing screening.”

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