Girls With Balls Review

Olivier Afonso’s Girls With Balls doesn’t atone for the leery “females vs. males” horror normalization of exploitations past, but it is a slaughter-tastic midnight movie about volleyball vixens defending themselves from backwoods killers. Expect gallons of juicy redness, slack-jawed Deliverance imposters, and a campfire’s smokestack of slasher fun. Any fans of Dead & Breakfast out there? When the film’s spurs-janglin’ songster narration kicks in, you’ll be reminded of a very goofy and very familiar structure that holds novel throughout. It’s a slasher with teen spirit, a midnighter with malice, and the gory corpse counter that’s suggested – but a woman-driven riot act that reads genre representation the third degree? That aspect, oddly, lacks execution.

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