Movie Trailer: ‘TRON: Legacy – Low Rez’ in 3D

Because you demanded it, because we haven’t posted about it enough, and because you know you’re excited, it’s time for another TRON: Legacy post! This post, however, isn’t as serious as Dave’s editorial on the potential box office failure, or as expensive as my write up on real life light cycles. No, this is just a group of massive TRON fans from Gamervision who’ve watched Be Kind Rewind one too many times and decided to make their own version of the TRON: Legacy trailer. They named it TRON: Legacy – Low Rez.

I saw the film last night (look out for the full review soon) and really kind of loved it. Then I watched this trailer and it made me wish I could see the film again right now. Check it out after the jump, as well as the side by side comparison video and even a behind the scenes video. Oh, and if you have a pair of Red and Blue 3D glasses, break those out. Cause this sweded trailer is in eye-popping 3D (hence the blurry photo above). Read More »