Movie Trailer: Middle Men

There’s a new trailer for Middle Men, the film that follows the career of Christopher Malick. He’s no relation to Terrence Malick; rather, this is the guy who first enabled the proper monetization of porn on the internet. By providing credit card access to porn sites, he essentially became a funnel for cash. We’ve seen one red band clip before, but this trailer is good at capturing the ‘anything goes’ mentality of the early internet days. Read More »

Whiteout Comic-Con Promo Trailer


Update: For those who missed it, the Comic Con promo trailer is back online!

At long last there’s a trailer for Whiteout, the adaptation of Greg Rucka‘s Eisner Award winning comic book series. Starring Kate Beckinsale as US Marshall Carrie Stetko and featuring The Spirit‘s Gabriel Macht, this is a murder mystery set in Antarctica. A mystery revolving around, as the trailer points out, the very first murder in Antarctica. This Dark Castle production was directed by Dominic Sena, previously of Swordfish and Gone in 60 Seconds disrepute… though having said all of that, I quite enjoyed this trailer. See it for yourself after the break.

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New Photos: Frank Miller’s The Spirit

/Film reader Christopher M sent over these new photos from Frank Miller’s The Spirit, which hits theaters on December 25th 2008. I’ll admit, some of these photos look really bad ass, but I’m still not convinced due to the horrible showing Lionsgate had at Comic Con. More after the jump.

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The Spirit Movie Trailer

A full length trailer for Frank Miller’s The Spirit has been released onto the web. My first impression is that of disappointment. I was more impressed by the previously released teaser trailer. A lot of this film was shot on a stage, and judging from this trailer – it feels like it. Gone is the stylized computer generated backgrounds of Sin City, because Black is the new Red. Sin City somehow felt alive and real, this feels like a big screen adaptation of a stage play with some cool effects. The actors come off as actors wearing costumes, rather than comic book characters brought to life on the big screen. And what is up with the psychedelic image of The Spirit falling out of the lips of a woman’s mouth? Am I missing something? I’m also not digging the use of quotes on screen to introduce the characters. If this is the trailer they will be showing at Comic Con, I’m pretty sure the response will be negative. Do you agree? Am I wrong? Comment below!

Thanks to our friends at Rejects for finding this trailer. The Spirit hits theaters on December 25th 2008.

Frank Miller’s The Spirit Getting Two Sequels?


The word over at Superhero Hype is the Lionsgate has already negotiated with Frank Miller to direct two sequels to his Sin City-style green screen comic book caper The Spirit. If true, this would indicate tremendously sweet buzz on the project, as the main character, a detective who fakes his death to more vigilantly pursue the criminal element, and the property, created in 1940 by Will Eisner, have less name value than a Dick Tracy or Green Hornet. Comparisons to The Shadow are apt and we all know how that turned out for Alec Baldwin. And title star Gabriel Macht (The Good Shepherd, The Recruit) is less known and box-off tested than an actor like Christian Bale pre-Batman Begins.

But the supporting cast is cake: Sam Jackson as megalomanical villain The Octopus and then there’s the Playboy Mansion grotto-stocked bevy of foxes including Scarlet Johansson, Jaime King, Eva Mendes, Paz Vega, Stana Ketic and Sarah Paulson. Actually, those ladies are beyond Hef’s grotto; more like rsvps to the Fountain of Youth. But as you can see from the film’s teaser poster, Miller isn’t updating The Spirit’s Mad Men-like duds, with the fedora, tie and a domino mask (which personally, I think should always stay in comic books) are intact.

Keeping the new trend of genre fare in January sizzling (i.e. Cloverfield, Rambo), The Spirit opens on January 16, 2009, less than two months before Zack Snyder’s similarly risky-old school comic adaptation Watchmen. Lionsgate being so sure that Miller’s film will connect with a mass audience, enough so to propel two more films just surprises to me, not to come off negative. Is The Spirit on your must-see list for 2009 and can you see it being a smash hit?