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Even if you don’t know his name, you know the work of Frank Frazetta. The legendary artist, who passed away in 2010, left lasting fingerprints on the world of fantasy art with his detailed, dramatic, bold, and yes, ridiculously macho depictions of warriors and creatures and damsels in distress. His work has been seen in books, comics, album covers, and just about every form of media you can imagine.

Now, a new Kickstarter sees the Frazetta family (who maintain the Frazetta Museum in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) teaming up with the Austin-based Nakatomi Print Labs to bring his legendary art to the people in the form of cool silkscreen art prints.

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UPDATE: This Contest Has Closed

Even if you aren’t heading to South by Southwest this week, you can bring a piece of it home. /Film is proud to be running a giveaway for a limited edition giclee print by legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta.

Director Robert Rodriguez, who is currently working on Fire and Ice, a film based on Frazetta’s work, is curating a Frank Frazetta Museum that’ll be open from March 14 to 21 in Austin, Texas. It features originals and prints of Frazetta’s work as well as the work of Drew Struzan, props from Rodriguez’s films, pieces from his personal art collection, and much much more.

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Live Action Fire and Ice Remake

Ralph Bakshi, the animator who did films like Wizards and the first adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, used an early rotoscope animation technique to create the fantasy story Fire and Ice, which adopted character designs by artist Frank Frazetta. Now Robert Rodriguez is going to make his first foray into full-on fantasy epics with a live-action Fire and Ice remake, in an attempt to launch a new fantasy franchise. Read More »

Robert Rodriguez is a director who always has quite a few projects on the burner; he’s also a director for whom it isn’t unusual to see multiple things coming into focus all at once. In 2012 Rodriguez will shoot Machete Kills, then Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and then if things go well he’ll move right into a new version of the film Fire and Ice. The original is an ’80s animated adventure story directed by Ralph Bakshi and designed by Frank Frazetta, with an evil Ice Lord, a fire princess, and a muscular hero out to save the day.

The original film made extensive use of rotoscoping, where animated characters are drawn based on live-action footage, and that technique is, in a way, related to the green-screen work that Rodriguez used for Sin City, and which will be used for his own Fire and Ice. Read More »


When the artist Frank Frazetta passed away ten days ago, we saw a lot of hastily-assembled tributes to his work. Somehow, not many people pointed out Fire and Ice, the film on which Frazetta collaborated with animation director Ralph Bakshi.

But the film will get attention now because, after years of trying to get a deal together, Robert Rodriguez has bought the rights to remake Fire and Ice as a live-action film through his own Troublemaker Studios. Read More »