POTD: Banksy Returns to Hollywood

In preparation for the Academy Awards, Exit Through the Giftshop star/director and infamous street artist Banksy has returned to Hollywood and has been leaving his mark around the town. After the jump you can find a few of Banksy’s recent Los Angeles street art.
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B-Movie: a short film about Banksy

A few sites today posted a a short documentary titled B-Movie: a short film about Banksy. The video, which was posted on Vimeo under the user name “Robin Gunningham” was quickly removed. You might reccognize the name because it was published in UK’s newspaper The Mail in July 2008, claiming to be the real indentity of the street artist.. The Vimeo account features the following description:

Robin wishes he has painted on a large variety of walls and buildings, none of which belonged to him. He wishes he has exhibited in the British Museum, the Tate and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, none of whom invited him.

Strange, huh? We found a duplicate copy on YouTube, which features the following description:

The B-Movie is a fourteen minute mini documentary about the infamous street artist Banksy and how he started out as a graffiti writer. Banksy has really launched off heavily this year, he has a movie out, art exhibits that make over 100k a show. He has made numerous achievements that hit the media and til this day only a hand full of people know his real identity. The  documentary features Interviews with 3D of Massive Attack, Damien Hirst, some of his friends and many more.

If this seems like a great supliment to Exit Through The Giftshop, thats exactly what it is. Included on the DVD release of the film, this 14-minute documentary gives you a better look at the street artist known as Banksy. Watch it now embedded after the jump.

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Exit Through The Giftshop is not only one of the best documentaries of 2010, but it’s one of the best movies of the year. The documentary which is credited to the elusive street art icon Banksy is up for an Oscar, but The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences isn’t sure how to handle the situation. He has worn disguises in the past (dark hooded sweatshirts, monkey masks) and has even sent others to fill in for his absense. The filmmaker did not show up for the annual Oscar luncheon, but if the film wins, will he go up on stage?

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