The subtitles here are in French, so this trailer won’t give you many of the core plot details of the French thriller Mobius, but you’ll definitely be able to latch on to the film’s tone and catch a glimpse of the cast at work. The big draw here for some will be Jean Dujardin, last seen in his Oscar-winning turn in The Artist. But for me, it’s Cécile de France, who has been brutal in Haute Tension and simultaneously tough and tender in The Kid With a Bike.

Mobius was both written and directed by French filmmaker Eric Rochant (Love Without Pity, Long Live the Republic) and looks like a straight-up thriller with a potentially good mix of modern look and classic tone. Read More »

At the end of 2011 Jean Dujardin became a bigger global star than he may have ever expected to be, thanks to the success of the film The Artist. The actor took home one of the film’s five Oscars, and also found awards success and popular acclaim in many other countries.

Soon he’ll be back on screens in a very different film: writer/director Eric Rochant‘s Möbius, a thriller that blends post-Cold War spies and high-stakes criminal activity. A teaser trailer is online, and it works hard to build an air of tightly-wound tension. Check out the footage below. Read More »