Fox has finally released photos, a long-form plot synopsis and a trailer for the upcoming JJ Abrams-produced Elizabeth Sarnoff-written (Lost, Deadwood) television series Alcatraz. The “chilling new thriller centers on America’s most infamous prison and one-time home to the nation’s most notorious murderers, rapists, kidnappers and thieves.” Find out what the show is about, see some photos, and even watch a two and a half minute trailer after the jump.

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Sam Neill Starring In J.J. Abrams’ ‘Alcatraz’

Briefly: Add one more big name to the prison roster of Alcatraz, the new show being produced by J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk and Elizabeth Sarnoff, who wrote the pilot and will be showrunner. Sam Neill has just joined the cast in one of the lead roles. He’ll play Emerson Hauser, “the head of a government agency who radiates authority and piercing intelligence.”

We still don’t know a lot about the show, other than it is about a cop (Sarah Jones) and some FBI agents trying to track down prisoners and guards who disappeared from the prison while it was active and reappear in the present day. Jorge Garcia (Lost) plays an Alcatraz historian/expert and Jonny Coyne (Undercovers) and Jason Butler Harner (Fringe) play prison warden Edwin James and associate warden E.B. Tiller, respectively. [Deadline]

Briefly: Fox recently picked up the J.J. Abrams-produced series Alcatraz, which explores the mysteries and secrets of the famous prison. Jorge Garcia (Lost) was recently cast as one significant character, an Alcatraz historian and expert, and now Sarah Jones (Sons of Anarchy) has nabbed the female lead. As Germain wrote not long ago, “the show will be about a group of Alcatraz prisoners who disappeared 30 years ago and reappear in modern times. The show will focus on FBI agents tasked with hunting them down to find out exactly what happened.”

Deadline says that Sarah Jones will play Rebecca Madsen, “a smart, thoughtful and a little obsessive police officer.” Alongside her, Jorge Garcia plays the “hippy geek” historian and expert. Bryan Burk and Elizabeth Sarnoff are the exec producers alongside Abrams, with the former being a regular collaborator and the latter being a significant creative force on Lost. Elizabeth Sarnoff also wrote the pilot script.


J.J. Abrams just keeps coming out with awesome stuff. He’s executive producing Undercovers, which premieres September 22 on NBC, Super 8 is in currently in the works, there’s that Jonathan Nolan show he’ll a part of and, of course, we all are waiting for more news on Star Trek 2. But, in the meantime, it seems Hollywood’s international man of mystery has another secret up his sleeve. Fox just announced that they’ve made a “pilot commitment” to a show Abrams will produce called Alcatraz. Hit the jump to read what little we know about it. Read More »