A few people pointed me to the trailer for Dario Argento‘s Dracula 3D this morning, and when I finally got around to watching it I was overcome with that mixture of mirth and sadness that is specific to watching a director really tumble downhill. Dario Argento has made movies that I truly love (Suspiria, Cat O’Nine Tails, and others) but in his later years hasn’t been able to deliver a picture that even counts as a pale shadow of his best work.

Now he is in post-production on Dracula 3D, a film that seems to do exactly what the title implies, only with some of the most flat and lifeless filmmaking I’ve seen since the heyday of Full Moon Entertainment. The effects in this trailer — a trailer which is meant to find distribution, not an audience — are unfinished, and that’s fine. I don’t mind the fact that the giant praying mantis is crudely rendered at this point. On the other hand, what is a giant praying mantis doing in a Dracula movie? Ahem.

Check it out below. NSFW due to a couple shots of a naked woman. And also due to general sadness. Read More »

What a great turn of events if Hobo With a Shotgun proved to be a career resuscitation for Rutger Hauer. Though he has worked steadily for the last few years, his last really high-profile roles were in 2005, in Sin City and Batman Begins. But Hobo With a Shotgun gave him some new life at festivals, and he had a notable role in The Rite. Now the latest film to bring him into the fold is Dario Argento‘s Dracula 3D, in which the actor will reportedly play Van Helsing. Read More »