Wizard of Oz

Briefly: The drive to create new films and TV shows based on recognizable fairy tales may not be as all-consuming as it was a year or two ago, but that doesn’t mean it has gone away altogether. Look at CBS, which is now developing a show called Dorothy, from Elementary exec producers Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman.

The show, says Deadline, is designed as basically E.R. set in New York City, and inspired by The Wizard of Oz. Emily Fox (Ghost Whisperer) is scripting and will exec produce the show if it goes forward. Hopefully she’s seen Lars von Trier’s The Kingdom, which has already done a hell of a job infusing the hospital procedural drama with elements of the strange and fantastic.

The land of Oz is a big, varied place, with all manner of strange denizens around whom to build a story. But there are only a dozen or so characters that are recognizable to broad audiences who have never read L. Frank Baum’s novels: Oz, the witches, Dorothy, her companions in The Wizard of Oz, maybe Princess Ozma and a few others.

So it’s easy to guess that a sequel to Sam Raimi‘s film Oz the Great and Powerful would jump forward to involve Dorothy in some way, perhaps even effectively rebooting The Wizard of Oz and circling around any effort Warner Bros. (rights holder to the 1939 film) might put into motion.

But producer Joe Roth says the Great and Powerful sequel “would absolutely not” involve Dorothy. Read More »

Good news abounds for fans for fans of HBO’s two newest shows and one of the most famous movies of all time. First up, HBO has just renewed both Veep and Girls for a second season. Then, over on E!, they’re developing a whole new slate of original programming including a show called Dorothy which is inspired by the world of The Wizard of Oz. Read more about both pieces of news after the break. Read More »