As Cannes rolls along there are a lot of new images and trailers for great, or at least interesting films. And then there’s this one. Zookeeper is the movie in which Kevin James thinks about quitting the job he loves (he’s a zookeeper, duh) so that Leslie Bibb will like him. But his animal charges can talk, as it turns out, and they teach him all about how to woo women. He probably ends up with Rosario Dawson, who has been working alongside him all this time. And in return, he takes a gorilla to TGI Fridays. This is all in the trailer, which is after the break. Read More »

What Doesn’t Kill You Movie Trailer

One of the films that stuck with me since the Toronto Film Festival was the South Boston crime drama (yes, another one) What Doesn’t Kill You. Based on a true story of two childhood friends who turn to crime to get by. The film opens in a flash forward, with a trio of gangsters pulling a armored car robbery outside a small strip mall. But things go wrong when a Cop shows up. While the first 25 minutes might be confusing and incoherent, the family drama that follows is actually pretty wonderful.

But the film is really about the struggles a neighborhood gangster thug who is trying his hardest to rehabilitate, in a world where everything he knows, he learned from the streets. A haunting score by composer Alex Wurman (who you might remember from John August’s The Nines) and a screenplay co-written by Boston native Donnie Wahlberg, who also provides a small supporting performance. It’s certainly not this year’s The Departed, or even this year’s Gone Baby Gone, but hey, its probably worth checking out. And how can you go wrong with Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke? Check out the trailer below.

What Doesn’t Kill You hits limited theaters on December 12th 2008.

Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in Righteous Kill

Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in Righteous Kill

Update: Click Here to watch the movie trailer for  Righteous Kill.

Empire has the some new photos from Jon Avnet’s Righteous Kill, which stars Al Pacino and Robert De Niro (in their first team-up since Heat) as two Veteran New York City Detectives hunt a vigilante who may be one of their own. Donnie Wahlberg, Brian Dennehy, Carla Gugino, 50 Cent and John Leguizamo also star. It was originally rumored that directing legend Martin Scorsese would be in the film, but that is actually untrue (Dennehy plays the role that Scorsese likely would have played). If the photo above looks familuar, it might be that a simular image was seen in Heat (seen below).


The photo to the right was published in Time Magazine. Righteous Kill will hit theaters in 2008.

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