For kids, the most magical thing about Disney theme parks is getting to interact with the characters they love from movies and TV shows. Of course, we know those characters are just cast members in big puffy body suits made to look like animated characters. However, the geniuses at Disney Imagineering have crafted new state-of-the-art bipedal animatronic technology that will make it so a character like Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy can walk around parks, wave at families, pose for pictures, and even have an impromptu dance party. See Disney’s animatronic Baby Groot in action below. Read More »

Walt Disney Imagineering TV Show Heading to Disney+

Imagineering TV show

Disney+, The Walt Disney Company’s new streaming service, doesn’t even have an official launch date yet, but it’s already locked down another new series. A docu-series based on Disney’s Imagineers is coming to the streaming service, joining a previously-announced show about the women of Disney animation and several high-profile narrative shows set in the worlds of Star Wars and Marvel. Learn more about the Imagineering TV show below. Read More »

Disney Stunt Robots

Having learned nothing from Westworld, Disney Imagineering went ahead and built stunt robots that can flip through the air, and probably eventually rebel against their cruel human masters. It’s likely these high-flying bots will be used in Disney’s Star Wars land, or possible upcoming Marvel attractions.

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