Before the days of Twitter, which allows access to the daily opinions of some of our favorite filmmakers on an immediate basis, many of us relied on Jon Favreau for connection to one part of the film world. Several years ago Favreau was still an indie darling, almost a decade away from the Marvel Universe, and he hosted a show on IFC called Dinner for Five.

If you were lucky enough to have IFC from 2001-2005, it was pre-DVR appointment television. The writer/director would sit down for dinner with some of the most interesting people in Hollywood and just talk. About movies, about life, whatever. Since the series ended, several of the guests – which ranged from Seth McFarlane and Peter Dinklage to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, have become even bigger stars than they were at the time. “Glorious” doesn’t come close to describing the show.

So whether you were a fan of not, we figured it would be good to let you know that the entire series is legally available to watch on YouTube. Check it out below. Read More »