We were surprised when Monster director Patty Jenkins vacated the directorial chair for Marvel Studios’ Thor 2. Her hire was unexpected in the first place, as women are rarely given the chance to direct studio event pictures, and Marvel Studios hasn’t directly hired a woman to direct one of its superhero features. (Punisher: War Zone was directed by Lexi Alexander, but wasn’t directly a Marvel Studios movie.)

When Jenkins left the film the report was that she had moved on thanks to ‘creative differences’ and that the split between her and Marvel was amicable. Now there is contrary word saying that Jenkins was fired, perhaps summarily, and that Thor co-star Natalie Portman, who campaigned for Jenkins to be hired, is furious over the situation. Read More »

The most unexpected news this week was that Thor 2 director Patty Jenkins had walked away from the film over ‘creative differences,’ leaving the Marvel Studios sequel in a pinch. The film isn’t set for release until November 15, 2013, but as an effects-heavy project that the studio also wants to rewrite, this turmoil in the creative staff doesn’t bode well.

Now a new report says that Marvel is looking at two directors, neither of whom will be names recognized by all. Alan Taylor and Daniel Minahan are the two leading candidates. Both have a lot of TV experience, and both are Game of Thrones veterans, just like the first Thor 2 director, Brian Kirk. Read More »