The Twilight series will be over later this year, and while Kristen Stewart has successfully moved towards both indies and big-budget fare, and Robert Pattinson has begun to cultivate an art-house career, third Twilight star Taylor Lautner hasn’t been quite as successful. He starred in Abduction and has Grown-Ups 2 coming up, but a couple other big-ticket movies planned for the young actor have vaporized before getting the green light.

Now Twilight producer Wyck Godfrey is trying again with Lautner, and is selling the action thriller Tracers at Cannes. Lautner would star as a bike messenger who is pulled into the world of parkour. Read More »


Update: THR says that Fox has also hired writer Daniel Casey to work on the film. No details are given on whether he’s working from Kyle Ward’s draft or a new script. Original article follows.

We’ve known since at least last summer that Fox is likely to make a sequel to Hitman. The original film made $100m internationally against a $30m budget, and with a new game coming out it didn’t take a magician to figure that Fox would want another movie. Last June the studio set Kyle Ward to write the film, based in part on the forthcoming game Hitman 5. Now there’s a director for Hitman 2: Spanish helmer Daniel Benmayor. Read More »