Best Movies Streaming Right Now Knives Out

(Welcome to Now Stream This, a column dedicated to the best movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and every other streaming service out there.)

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New On Blu-ray The Shining 4K

In an odd twist of fate, coincidence, or maybe just because it’s Halloween season, every title in this week’s Blu-ray round-up is a horror movie. So if you’re not a horror fan, uh…see you next time! For everyone else, these are the new Blu-ray releases you should check out this week.

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crawl contest

Crawl was a nice summer movie surprise. A fun, no-frills, no-nonsense horror movie about killer alligators invading a home during a hurricane. Crawl swims onto Blu-ray this week, and in honor of the release, we’re giving away a prize pack that includes an autographed copy of the movie. Learn how to enter the Crawl contest below!

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The Lion King Box Office

Disney had no problem topping the charts again this summer with their release of the remake of The Lion King. Audiences may not be sure whether to call this movie animation or live-action, but they clearly had to see it for themselves to the tune of a $185 million opening weekend at the domestic box office. That’s enough to give the movie the #9 spot on the chart of the best opening weekends of all-time.  Read More »

barry pepper interview

“Here’s a little Easter egg for you guys,” Barry Pepper said without preamble to our table at the Crawl press junket in the Long Island Aquarium. The actor launched into a biblical passage for MATT 725, which is the license plate for his character Dave’s truck in the film. “‘And the rain descended and the floods came, and the wind blew and beat upon the house, and it fell not, for it was founded upon a rock,'” he read from a notebook. “You have to keep that one to yourselves, if anyone finds it. Just write about our day and how we got our arms ripped off,” the actor said with a wink.

Often cast as hard-edged soldiers or stern government agents, Crawl‘s Dave Keller is a dramatically different turn for Pepper. Straddling the line between deadbeat dad and blue-collar survivor, Dave is the impetus for Crawl‘s plot — the first character to make a series of exceedingly dumb decisions that are then met with surprising resourcefulness. But that’s what drew Pepper to the role, and ultimately to his first horror movie in his 25-year career.

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alexandre aja interview

Alexandre Aja learned firsthand the difficulties of making a water-based movie with 2010’s Piranha 3D, a well-received loose remake of 1978 horror classic. But nine years later, and the French filmmaker learned that all over again, the hard way.

“When I did Piranha, I got firsthand experience on…everything that was told about the making of Jaws was true and how like a nightmare it was to shoot with water on the water,” Aja said at the press junket for Crawl held at the Long Island Aquarium. “And I guess I forgot in between. And I went back, you know, and then as soon as I went back in the water, I was like, oh, what was I thinking about? And I’m sure we’ll forget again.”

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crawl review

A congregation of hungry gators are on the hunt in CrawlAlexandre Aja‘s gory B-movie that doesn’t quite want to admit it’s a B-movie. Moving at a brisk pace, and trimmed of almost all fat, Crawl manages to make a big splash, generating plenty of disaster-movie-meets-monster-movie chills. Yet Crawl is a film with an identity crisis. It’s not quite trashy enough to be an amusing B-movie, and one can’t help but think that Aja is taking all of this killer alligator stuff way too seriously. That’s not to say there isn’t fun to be had.

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kaya scodelario

For Kaya Scodelario‘s first horror movie, it was swim or sink — literally. “I’m one of those swimmers that dips in the pool to cool off, then goes back to sunbathing,” the Maze Runner actress joked at the press junket for CrawlTo prepare for the role of the competitive swimmer who gets caught in the crawl space of her house with her dad (Barry Pepper) and a very hungry alligator in the middle of a Florida hurricane, Scodelario had to go through seven weeks of intensive training with a swimming coach in London. “I started in the kiddie pool with the floaty stuff, and I’d have like 6-year-olds passing me. But slowly worked up to quite a good speed and quite good stamina,” she said.

Scodelario has done intimate character dramas and she’s done action-packed popcorn flicks, but she would have to draw from her experience on all three to star in Crawl, the creature feature opening this weekend from The Hills Have Eyes director Alexandre Aja. The experience was “absolutely grueling” she said, describing eight weeks of shooting in 6 feet of water every day on a set in Serbia. “This was insane. It truly, truly was,” she said.

/Film joined a group of journalists at the Long Island Aquarium to speak to Scodelario about her horror movie debut, filming with a dummy alligator, and her adorable dog co-star.

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crawl trailer

What happens when you flood a house during a hurricane, and then throw some alligators into the mix? You get Crawl, a new, deliciously goofy horror-thriller from producer Sam Raimi and director Alexandre Aja. The high-concept premise traps a young woman (Kaya Scodelario) and her father (Barry Pepper) in a house during a Florida hurricane. The house is slowly filling up with water, but that’s the least of their problems. A congregation of alligators (I looked it up – that’s the term for a group of gators) has invaded the water-logged residence, and they’re hungry. Watch the Crawl trailer below.

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crawl footage reaction

Horror filmmaker Alexandre Aja is back with Crawl, a wacky sounding horror movie about alligators in a flooded house. Kaya Scodelario plays a woman trapped in her home during a massive hurricane, but the storm is the least of her worries. The flooding has brought in some ‘gators, and they’re ready to chow down. The first Crawl footage was let loose during CinemaCon, and we wrestled it to the surface.

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