Next summer brings us Pixar’s first original fairy tale, Brave, and today brings a significant update. Entertainment Weekly got their hands on some very cool concept art and a couple announcements in regards to the voice cast and direction credit. First up, Reese Witherspoon will not be lending her voice to the lead character, Merida, because of scheduling issues. Instead, that character will be given life by Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire, Trainspotting) which is appropriate because the film is set in Scotland. The rest of the cast will also be from across the pond. Merida’s parents, King Fergus and Queen Elinor, will be voiced by Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson, a wise woman who plays an important role will be voiced by Julie Walters and three comedic lords will be voiced by Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson and Robbie Coltrane.

Also, while there had been some controversy surrounding Pixar’s first female director Brenda Chapman, who left the project last year, she’ll now officially receive a co-director credit with Mark Andrews, who is now finishing the film. Read some new plot details and see the concept art after the break. Read More »

First Look: The Big-Screen Return of ‘Winnie the Pooh’

Amidst other new projects, Disney is prepping the a new theatrical Winnie the Pooh film, and the first two stills have been released. They’re quite nice, and more than other recent films featuring characters created by A.A. Milne, they echo the lovely hand-drawn qualities of the classic Pooh films from Disney. Read More »

How To Train Your Dragon

When we first learned a few months ago that How To Train Your Dragon would be getting a sequel (out in 2013), there were a lot of details still up in the air. Would the original cast return? What of the talented filmmakers of the original, Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois? Would they be coming back too? Would the film even be in 3D?

Today, Dreamworks revealed details about what would become of the next film in its How to Train Your Dragon franchise. Hit the jump to find out more.
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Last night was the one thousandth episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, but evidently interns backstage failed to inform the ever-emo Dracula of the celebration. And not helping to curb his Transylmania-prolonged depression was the fact that Ferguson’s Wavy the Alligator attempted to chomp his hand-puppet thunder as the ep’s defacto host. The upside? Drac was there alongside beanied actor/songwriter Jason Segel to perform “Dracula’s Lament,their hit moody ballad that first appeared in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Watch the concert and more, below.

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Jennifer Hudson made a splash on American Idol, then quickly went on to win an Oscar for her debut role in Dreamgirls, but we haven’t seen much of her onscreen since. Now she’s got a follow-up role to her big breakthrough: in Winnie, she’ll play Winnie Mandela, wife to South African president Nelson Mandela.

Directing is South African filmmaker Darrell J. Roodt, who was behind Yesterday and Sarafina! The script is from Roodt, Andre Pieterse and Paul L. Johnson, from the biography Winnie Mandela: A Life, by Anne Marie du Preez. Winnie Mandela fought apartheid alongside her husband, and was jailed for demanding his release, but she faced legitimate legal troubles down the road. Variety also reports that Hudson is expected to sing the theme for the film.

After the break, another Winnie movie, more for the Christina Aguilera film Burlesque, and Stephen Root bolsters two already solid casts. Read More »

How to Train Your Dragon Movie Trailer

How to train your dragon
Dreamworks Animation has released the first movie trailer for Chris Sander‘s How to Train Your Dragon. For those of you who don’t reccognize the name, Sanders directed Lilo & Stitch, and the unfinished American Dog (which was the initial development for what became Bolt). Sanders is now making a home for himself over at Dreamworks Animation, and you can certainly see the Dreamworks influence.

The voice acting seems a bit out of place, as with most of DreamWorks Animated films, it seems like they are casting names to be the characters, rather than an actor who can play the character. I love Jay Baruchel, but for some reason I don’t completely buy him in this film, with this character design and animation — for me it just doesn’t match up. Watch the trailer embedded after the jump. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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This summer, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve overheard a line like, “Oh, I love Conan, but to be honest, I haven’t been watching [The Tonight Show].” Conan’s ratings, which continue to fall and have been widely scrutinized in the media, reflect this trend. Today, it was announced that The Late Show with David Letterman has bested The Tonight Show for four consecutive weeks, a record dating back to 1995. What I find curious about these aforementioned statements from fans, besides their frequency, is that so often they express guilt. Many 20somethings share a bond with Conan O’Brien incomparable to any late night host, and by not watching, it stings of geek treason. But these lounging confessions also pack a subtle tinge of Nikki Finke-like cutthroat satisfaction, and this is what I find most worrisome in terms of the long haul. Why is this?

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DreamWorks Animation Announces 2009-2012 Releases

DreamWorks Animation Logo

DreamWorks Animation has announced plans to release five feature films every two years, up from their previous two films a year schedule. The company cites their “three very successful franchises” as one of the reasons to produce an extra film every other year. Apparently the plan is to release one or two sequels a year, as well as an original project, all of which will be produced in digital 3D. Check out the full schedule after the jump.

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UPDATE: ZOMFG! Have any of you guys seen Matthew McConaughey’s official website? It’s actually called “Just Keep Livin'”and you can cruise his glossies while listening to terrible reggae. Amazing! Thanks to Slashfilm reader “Black Flag Inuit” for the tippity top of tips!

Sorry, but real men are not literally golden. Real men don’t grow gigantic mustaches before they start filming action flicks, they already get the thumbs up when they see Lionel Richie at the market. EW reports that Mr. Oscar Abs aka Matthew McConaughey is currently (and finally) reading the script for the long lingering Magnum P.I. remake by writer/director Rawson Thurber (Dodgeball); you know, Magnum P.I., the TV show that got polite but stern, very hairy men in Hawaiian shirts laid by babes for a generation? So, if EW is correct, the shirt is off and the offer is on the table to McConaughey.


Listen, I just saw Selleck, Mr. Tom Selleck, on Craig Ferguson (another real dude), and he looks fine. He even has a ranch with one goat. I guess he’s making some bank off the M/GILFs for his Jesse Stone: Small Town Police Chief franchise, but the guy has forever earned this movie and the role of Thomas Sullivan Magnum, IV. And if not, he should be able to handpick the V heir to the character’s Ferrari and the world’s finest, exquisitely tan-lined catches.

McConaughey is ideal for movies like Sahara, Tropic Thunder and Surfer Dude, but playing an ex-Navy Seal? Is he going to grow a kit and by kit I mean a chest so hairy it takes four bimbos with blow dryers to get us to the next scene? Stop the madness.

Discuss: Whatevs, just no bongo talk.

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