For many people, the first time they get on the floor at San Diego Comic-Con can be an overwhelming experience. There are the thousands upon thousands of people, the sensory overload of cool stuff and the intimidating lines of people usually waiting for something you know nothing about. It can make you feel extremely out of the loop but also excited about the possibility of finding fun, hidden stuff.

It’s the first time Mondo is on the floor at Comic Con. We’ve written about Mondo once or twice (or three million times) so you know they’re the poster boutique of the Alamo Drafthouse. What you might not know is that, for their first year at Comic Con, their booth is insane. They brought with them several previously “sold out” posters for people to buy, announced a brand new license to make posters for Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer and, over the next few days, will be tweeting announcements of exclusive, limited edition, movie-themed screenprints that’ll go on sale only at their booth. Read more about it after the break. Read More »

VOTD: Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Scream Ever

FilmDrunk has put together a video which compiles every Arnold Schwarzenegger scream/shout/grunt from every movie Arnold Schwarzenegger was ever featured in. The resulting video is seven and a half minutes in length and can be viewed right now after the jump.
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