JJ Abrams on a new Trek vessel.

“Preposterous,” “ridiculous”  and “completely insane.” Those are the exact words J.J. Abrams uses to describe the fact he’s behind not only Hollywood’s current iteration of Star Trek, but will soon helm Star Wars Episode VII. The director recently conducted a revealing, entertaining interview with Playboy Magazine and in it, he talked at length about the process of deciding to do Star Wars, differentiating that film from Star Trek, sex in his movies, Tom Cruise’s Scientology, the endings of Lost, Fringe, and his role on Revolution. It’s a great interview and I highly suggest you check it out in full.

But let’s concentrate on what Abrams had to say about Star Wars. Playboy flat out asks him about old cast members returning as well as the trilogy’s timeline and Abrams refuses to answer. He does, however, reveal he will be seeking feedback on his decisions from Star Wars creator George Lucas. Lucas’s role in the new films has been, and continues to be, somewhat vague, so this shines a bit of light on his participation. Abrams also discusses the intense pressures of taking on this film and the core questions he’s asking to make sure he doesn’t suffer the same kind of backlash Lucas got for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

And if that wasn’t enough, Abrams also discusses Cloverfield 2, a possible Alias movie, and admits he still could direct a third Star Trek film.  Read More »


It wouldn’t be true to say JJ Abrams is adapting Man on Wire into a feature film, but that would certainly crossover with the truth and that’s probably the legend you’ll be overhearing in the line at the cinema. What Abrams is actually doing, specifically, is having his Bad Robot production company adapt Colum McCann‘s novel Let The Great World Spin. McCann himself is writing the screenplay, telling a series of separate stories about a number of characters around New York at the time Phillippe Petit performed his high-wire stunt in the early 70s.

If you don’t know about Petit, I’ve got the trailer for the documentary profile Man on Wire after the break. This was definitely one of the most loved documentaries in recent years, thanks in no small part to the astonishing charisma of the eccentric wirewalker at its heart. There’s also a video interview tucked away down there with Colum McCann explaining his inspiration for Let The Great World Spin.

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