The Angelina Jolie thriller Salt may have come and gone in the minds of some viewers. — neither of Jolie’s big films this year seemed to get much traction — but with a nearly $300 million worldwide take, the film is hardly a flop. Once marketing and everything else is factored in, the $110m film might be just breaking even, but that’s before DVD and all other ancillary revenue streams flow in. So, it is not unreasonable to expect a sequel.

In fact, back in August we heard that a sequel might be in the offing. Writer Kurt Wimmer had ideas about how to move forward, Angelina Jolie was reportedly ready to think about another one, and director Phillip Noyce was said to be interested in another chapter. But now he’s not. Read More »


I’ve been eagerly awaiting the first footage from A Dangerous Method, the new film from David Cronenberg in which Viggo Mortensen plays Sigmund Freud and Michael Fassbender appears as Carl Jung. There isn’t yet any video to share, but we’ve got the first set photos, and I’m impressed with the work Cronenberg’s team has done to make Mortensen and Fassbender nearly look like dead ringers (sorry about that) for their real-life counterparts. Read More »


I love how the trades bury nuggets of info. At the bottom of the piece I used to source info about Michael Fassbender’s upcoming role in A Single Shot was a throwaway sentence that suggests David Cronenberg is still at work on The Talking Cure, a project we’ve heard almost nothing about in the two years since it was first ‘announced’. Read More »


This story reminds me of something funny I saw Sam Mendes say on TV once, but we’ll have to build up to that, I’m afraid.

It seems that Sam Mendes has recruited screenwriter, and sometime director, Christopher Hampton to adapt Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland into a script for him. The rights to the novel are held by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo films and they have spent much of this year pursuing Mendes for the director’s chair and then helping him set the project up. Hampton’s engagement is brand new, with him agreeing to take the job within just the last few days.

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Tokyo Rose

One of Frank Darabont‘s upcoming projects is Tokyo Rose, the Iva Toguri D’Aquino biopic. Our friends at Collider talked to screenwriter Christopher Hampton who offered a few new details.

“[It’s] based on the story of Tokyo Rose, who was a Japanese American woman who was arrested in Tokyo right after the War, brought back to San Francisco, put on trial for radio propaganda and sentenced to eight years imprisonment and she was completely innocent. It was all a witch hunt. She was absolutely innocent and eventually, in the 70’s, she was given a Presidential Pardon by President Ford.”

“I started off with a two hundred and something page screenplay because there was so much material and her trial happened to be the longest and most expensive in American legal history at the time, in the late 40’s. There were 54 volumes of trail transcripts, six thousand pages. So it’s all been going slowly…” Hampton said. “The contours of the story are beginning to emerge and I’m starting to know what I can throw away and what I have to keep and what I don’t need. But that’s with a biographical project. “

Hamtpon confirms that Darabont plans to shoot the project after Fahrenheit 451 (“Fahrenheit is his passion project that he’s had waiting to go for years and years and years. So he’s very excited about that. But we’ll see as you can never predict what will happen.”