Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Cast

Jay and Silent Reboot is shaping up to be a reunion of almost everyone that Kevin Smith has ever worked with. Not only are stars from the various View Askewniverse movies returning in this one, but cast members from Zack and Miri Make a Porno have made a comeback, too. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back star Shannon Elizabeth is back as Jay’s thief lover Justice. But there is one surprise that comes in the form of WWE wrestler Chris Jericho being part of the cast.

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Killroy Was Here Movie

Kevin Smith got his start with a true indie in the form of Clerks, a movie shot for $27,575 that ended up selected by Sundance, made $3 million at the box office, and launched the career the filmmaker has today. For his latest project, the director is going back to those lower budget roots, complete with a student film crew full of nothing but passion for filmmaking.

As we’ve previously heard, Killroy Was Here is a new horror anthology film Kevin Smith co-wrote with executive producer Andrew McElfresh. The film has been described by Smith as being in the vein of Creepshow, as well as having the “ironic twists and grisly moments” of The Twilight Zone. Now Smith has revealed one of the film’s characters, one who will be played by WWE wrestler Chris Jericho. Read More »

Transformers. Real Steel. Robot Jox. Movies that fulfill the boyhood promise of toys like Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots. A promise that one day real robots would really fight. It’s a promise that, until now, has only been possible in the movies or on a small scale, like with Battle Bots. The next step in that robot evolution takes place in 2013 as SyFy has just green lit Robot Combat League, which premieres February 26. Hosted by WWE superstar Chris Jericho, it features large robots very similar to the ones recently seen in Real Steel duking it out,┬ácontrolled┬áby a shadow boxing operator. See more photos and read a bunch of additional details after the jump. Read More »

Val Kilmer

Is Val Kilmer in the SNL big screen adaptation of MacGruber? And what does Toy Story 3 possibly have to do with karate? We delve into those two questions in today’s speculative news gathered from Twitter report.
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mickey rourke wwe wrestlemania 25

The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke did in fact show up at WWE WresltMania 25, and was in the audience during Chris Jericho‘s handicap match against WWE Hall of Famers Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. After defeating all three of his opponents, Jericho challenged Rourke to come into the ring. And as expected, Rourke stepped over the guard rail, climbed into the squared circle, and laid a few punches on the WWE star.

It’s unlikely that this will progress into a match that pits Jericho vs. Rourke as Mickey is set to go into production on Iron Man 2 and the production insurance won’t allow him to compete in a full wrestling match. Photos above courtesy of WWE. Thanks to /Film reader Jason G for the tip.

Mickey Rourke Will Not Appear At WrestleMania

Lets recap: At the SAG Awards, Mickey Rourke said that he would be appearing at WrestleMania 25, and even challenged WWE wrestler Chris Jericho to be ready for him. Last night, Jericho appeared on Larry King Live with Rourke, and turned up the fake hostility in what appeared to be a prelude to the Pay-Per-View event.

Many industry analysts expressed their concern that Rourke’s pro wrestling appearance might affect his Oscar chances (which is funny in itself considering Rourke was nominated for playing a professional wrestler but appearing at a professional wrestling event is somehow considered unfavorable). And now it seems like someone must have had second thoughts because now Rourke’s publicist tells Defamer that Rourke “will not be participating in Wrestle-Mania” and will instead be “focusing entirely on his acting career.” Seems like a smart move to me. Besides, WWE head Vince McMahon wanted nothing to do with Mickey Rourke and The Wrestler until Rourke won a Golden Globe.

Mickey Rourke VS. Chris Jericho on Larry King

After revealing that he would be appearing at WrestleMania, The Wrestler star Mickey Rourke called out WWE wrestler Chris Jericho at the SAG Awards saying that Jericho “better get in shape” because Rourke is “coming after” his “a**.” Both Rourke and Jericho appeared on Larry King Live last night where /Film reader Diego says that Jericho called Rourke out, but Mickey did his best to avoid a confrontation. The video is now online and available after the jump.

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