We’ve got a few new posters to present today, and the one that might be of the most interest is a high-quality teaser banner for Jose Padilha‘s RoboCop. We saw a much less detailed version of the same image over the summer, but with this one you can combine some of the detail seen here with the suit shots that appeared online over the weekend to get a better idea of how the new RoboCop will really look.

Then there is a stylish new poster for Skyfall, and finally, just because it’s fun, we have a new one-sheet for the Jackie Chan film Chinese Zodiac. Read More »

At Comic Con this year, Jackie Chan showed up to talk about his lastest film, Chinese Zodiac. (Aka CZ12 in some places.) During his Hall H panel the action superstar didn’t show a lot of footage, relying primarily on an old trailer for the film. He did bring out a French stuntman wearing a suit festooned with rollerblade wheels on all parts of his body, and the stuntman proceeded to demonstrate how the thing worked. That went down OK on stage, but the better thing to do would have been to play this new teaser for the film.

In this footage, we see the roller-suit in action, and with all the various tricks employed to make it look like a seamless bit of action, it comes across looking pretty fun. Based on the Hall H presentation, we know that some of the wide shots of the suit in action are the stuntman, rather than Jackie, but this is still a solid action sequence. Check out the teaser below. Read More »

Jackie Chan brought his 100th film, Chinese Zodiac, to the Cannes Film Festival this year, but he also arrived with some news that has been a few years coming: he’s done with bit death-defying action movie setpieces. But that news got a bit garbled over the weekend, with many thinking that Chan is done with action movies for good. Today, the multi-hyphenate clarified that while he’s too old to do some of the action he’s known for, he isn’t done by a long shot. Read More »