As has been the case since 2009, each Earth Day brings with it another tremendous, next-level nature documentary from the folks at Disneynature. The latest one, Chimpanzee, is absolutely tremendous. And while bearing the mark of Disney does bring with it the need to make the films “fun for the whole family,” kudos must be given for not dumbing the story down too much.

While Chimpanzee does have narration and a story arc that is somewhat thrust upon it, the imagery is so gorgeous that maintaining any haughty criticism in just bananas. (Ha!) In celebration, this week’s TBMYPHS is focused on nature documentaries that stand out as transformative works of art. While I love some of the BBC/PBS stuff like, say, Wild China, we’re looking for a different type of journey with this one. Read More »

Disneynature’s ‘Chimpanzee’ Trailer

Every year on (or around) Earth Day, Disneynature releases a new nature documentary. This Friday you can see African Cats, which will include the trailer for their next feature – Chimpanzee. Which begs the question: when are they going to do a documentary on some of the uglier wild creatures? Okay, maybe not — cute animals equal box office dollars (ask those marching penguins…). Watch the trailer now embedded after the jump. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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