David Fincher has been attached to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for almost three years now, but Disney’s been waffling on whether or not it actually wants to move forward with the project. Last we heard in October, the studio had decided only to give itself more time to decide.

But now Fincher’s not the only one eager to get things going. The Australian government is offering Disney an eight-figure rebate to shoot Down Under. If all goes well, the project could enter pre-production this year. However, it may do so without previously rumored star Brad Pitt. Contrary to some reports, he is not set to star, or at least not yet. Hit the jump to keep reading.

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When Disney chairman Dick Cook got the boot (or quit) a few weeks back, many guessed that the first high-profile casualty of his exit would be the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film. Not likely, as that’s a film that Disney will keep afloat at almost any cost. As it turns out, the first big picture to shut down in the wake of Cook’s exit was another big oceangoing effects film he’d championed. Captain Nemo: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, previously to be directed by McG from a Randall Wallace script, is no more. At least for now. Read More »