A couple years ago Universal made a deal with Hasbro that put a whole bunch of board game films into development at the studio. The one result so far is Battleship, opening later this year, and in fact Universal has steadily shed most of the other projects: Ouija, Clue, Monopoly and now Candyland have all been cut loose to find new homes. The version of Candyland that was in development was the brainchild of writers Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, who likened their approach to The Lord of the Rings with candy.

That incarnation of Candyland is apparently dead, and a new one, Candy Land, has stuck to Happy Madison and Columbia Pictures. Adam Sandler is now attached to star with Kevin Lima (Enchanted) directing and Sandler in talks to co-write with Robert Smigel. This collection of talent sounds like, if nothing else, one that will deliver a much more obvious film based on the sweet game. Read More »

Is there a movie in development that has been more reviled than Candyland? OK, there probably is. But still, the idea of turning a basically plotless board game laden with sweets into a movie has generated jokes aplenty. The writers are Glenn Berger and Jonathan Aibel, who also scripted two Alvin and the Chimpmunks films (the third is in post now) and two Kung-Fu Panda movies. But those two Kung-Fu Panda movies have earned good reviews, with the second one impressing people who expected just another product from the Dreamworks sequel machine.

So can they turn Candyland into something that might work in the same surprising way as the first Pirates of the Caribbean film? Comments about making a movie that would be “The Lord of the Rings with candy” didn’t do much to sway public opinion, but the writers are still talking about the project in those terms as they do the promotional rounds for Kung-Fu Pands 2. Read a few more comments after the break and see if you’re convinced. Read More »

Of the many projects to come out of Hasbro’s movie wheeling and dealing, there may be none more scorned than Candyland. Based on a board game that really has no plot or any characters that are possessed of more than a name and cartoonish countenance, the film seems far more crass than your typical cash grab. How does that get turned into a movie? Turns out — and many of you likely predicted this already — the strategy is to ape the approach to developing Pirates of the Caribbean, only with a healthy addition of Tolkien. Read More »

Want to be depressed? The much-joked-about Candyland movie isn’t dead yet. The crazy deal that Universal signed with Hasbro has the movie based on the sweet-themed board game continuing to draw breath, and now there are new writers on board. Finally! Read More »