King Arthur TV Series

King Arthur is having a moment. Next year sees him getting the Guy Ritchie treatment in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and cozying up to alien robots in Transformers: The Last Knight. Now we may also see him hit the small screen, albeit in a slightly different form than we’re used to. Fox is developing Camelot, which reimagines the legendary medieval ruler as a graffiti artist(!) who teams with his cop ex-girlfriend Gwen(!!) to battle modern crime and ancient magic(!!!). Read More »

Is Netflix losing its grip? Mere days after announcing their first major gamble by moving into original programming, their on demand service is taking two serious blows. Earlier this week, Showtime announced their upcoming deal would not include the rights to show their original programming like Dexter and Californication on the service and then Starz, one of Netflix’s longest partners, said that beginning with Camelot (above) they’ll begin implementing a 90 day delay before allowing their original content to show up on Watch Instantly. Plus, Starz will soon start doing the same thing with their movies.

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Joseph Fiennes and Eva Green will travel back to Camelot, the Starz series that re-tells the story of King Arthur. Fiennes is Merlin, while Green will be Morgana. Solid casting with both, though I’m not certain that I’ll ever be able to look at an Arthurian film or TV series without having to leap the hurdle of some of Excalibur‘s actors. Nicol Williamson and Helen Mirren are pretty difficult to top as Merlin and Morgana. In this Camelot Jamie Campbell Bower is Arthur, and Tamsin Egerton is Guinevere. [Reuters]

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