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Season 2 of Breaking Bad opens with a disturbing but seemingly innocuous shot of a charred stuffed bear floating in a pool, and its relevance is not made clear until the season finale. When provided full context, the remains of that bear is a brutal, in-your-face emblem of the destructive consequences of Walt’s moral decay. Consider the characters we met in Season 1: Walt a mild-mannered chemistry teacher, and Jesse an obnoxious, irresponsible punk. Season 2 finds these characters reaching emotionally devastating new highs and lows, and experiencing those moments with them is as compelling as it is stressful. Between this season and its last, Breaking Bad has solidified itself as one of the greatest shows ever made. If you aren’t watching it, you are missing the best that serialized drama has to offer.
Available on Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: DVD & Blu-ray – Cast & crew commentaries, deleted scenes, Inside Breaking Bad – 13 Featurettes About The Making of Each Episode, Walt’s Warning Featurette, “Negro y Azul” Music Video, “Better Call Saul” Commercial, 11 Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes, Cop Talk with Dean Norris, a gag reel, 6 Breaking Bad Original Webisodes, Season 3 Sneak Peek, and Vince Gilligan’s Photo Gallery.

Target Best Buy Fry’s
$30.69 $24.99 $32.99
Amazon – $24.99

Target Best Buy Fry’s
$36.19 $30.99 $36.99
Amazon – $30.99

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The newly arrived teaser trailer for Pedro Almodovar‘s Broken Embraces is a thing of beauty, elegance, wit, rich emotion and mystery – five of the top six items on the shopping list of any Pedro Almodovar fan. This gorgeous thing is about as good as teaser trailers get. There’s nothing more I can hope to communicate that the trailer won’t say far more effectively – and aside from the frame you see above, wordlessly.

If you only watch one video online through your computer this week, make it this one. I’ve positioned it below the break to save the servers from melting. The plot of the film is being kept under rather opaque and well secured wraps, but there’s enough in the trailer to give you a clear indication.

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