Re-Animator Remake Coming in 3D


The next attempt to resurrect the Re-Animator line of undead misadventures will reportedly be a 3D remake of the original film. Shock Till You Drop tell us this rehash will come courtesy of producer Ray Haboush and Brian Yuzna, director of the Re-Animator sequels and producer of the first entry, which I take to mean that Stuart Gordon most likely won’t be involved. A gutting shame because I had him pegged as the one chief of the Re-Animator team with genuine aspirations for the series.

Last we heard, Gordon was developing House of Re-Animator, a sequel that would take the walking-corpse antics into the White House but that on-again, off-again prospect probably won’t survive the threat of a more market friendly 3D remake. Besides, until President Obama makes a popularly accepted screw up, the concept of evil zombies in the Oval Office will seem a little out of touch with the zeitgeist.

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