Julianne Moore and Todd Haynes reuniting

Director Todd Haynes and Julianne Moore have made two great movies together. They first collaborated 20 years ago with Safe, an unnerving drama/horror movie. Years later the director and actress worked together on the deeply beautiful Far From Heaven, but that was the last time the two collaborated. After a 13 year wait, Haynes and Moore are joining forces once again for an adaptation of Brian Selznick‘s “Wonderstruck.”

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Add one more Harry Houdini movie to the pile of films in development about the late escape artist and Spiritualist investigator. The Houdini Box is based on Brian Selznick‘s 1991 young adult novel about about a boy who idolizes Houdini and attempts to duplicate his escape artistry. The boy meets Houdini and ends up corresponding with his hero, and that communication leads the boy to Houdini’s home on the day of the man’s death, where a mysterious box awaits the him.

If the name Brian Selznick sounds familiar, that’s because he wrote The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which Martin Scorsese brought to the screen as Hugo. That, plus the subject matter, is enough to make this one sound fairly enticing.  Read More »