Taken 2 side

In case you missed it stated over the past couple years, or recently embedded in the report of Forest Whitaker joining the cast of Taken 3, Liam Neeson has explained that the plot of this threequel deviates from established pattern: “no one gets taken” this time. More of that quote after the break, along with the following:

  • Phil Tippett talks about going back to work in Jurassic Park,
  • Reno Wilson says he’s voicing a Transformers 4 character,
  • The Hot Tub Time Machine sequel has a release date,
  • and Bob Uecker says Major League VI is still coming together.

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Major League 4 In The Works

major league

Will Wild Thing return to the plate for another at-bat? Bob Uecker revealed while chatting up the game at Wrigley stadium last week that he’s recently had contact from the creative team behind the first three Major League films, and that they’re developing a Major League 4.

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