Bo Burnham Inside Album

Bo Burnham: Inside, the latest comedy (?) special from Bo Burnham, is loaded with wall-to-wall songs. And while one or two of those songs have been officially uploaded to the Netflix YouTube page, the rest are currently unavailable. Every now and then, someone will upload a bootleg of one of the songs to YouTube, or a cover version. But the bootlegs are swiftly deleted, and, let’s get real, the cover versions aren’t very good. But here’s some good news: the official album is dropping this week.

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Bo Burnham Inside

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The MovieBo Burnham: Inside

Where You Can Stream It: Netflix

The Pitch: When the pandemic hit last year, comedian Bo Burnham decided to film a comedy special in his living room, all by himself. As a way to distract from the chaos of the real world, he fully threw himself into creating this special…and as the months dragged on, the final product ended up serving as a time capsule for the insanity of the last year.

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