‘The Robber’ Trailer

We first started to get wind of The Robber, Austrian director Benjamin Heisenberg‘s account of the true story of a marathon runner who robs banks, when it hit a couple festivals last year. It was promptly snapped up by Sony for a possible remake, but in the meantime the well-received original is getting a limited release in the States. Check out a trailer below. Read More »

The Robber, from Austrian director Benjamin Heisenberg, hasn’t had time to establish a presence in the States — it just opened in Germany in March after a premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. A few local festival appearances, like ones at the Seattle and New York Film Festivals, is all the release the movie has had here. But Sony has picked up rights to remake the film anyway, so we could soon see a domestic version of the tale about marathon runner Johann Rettenberger, who had a habit of robbing banks in between marathons. Read More »