For a feature filmmaking debut starring a cast of relative unknowns, Not Fade Away has been drawing quite a bit of attention. Because the first-timer at the helm isn’t just anyone, you see — it’s Sopranos creator David Chase. If television today has shed its reputation as cinema’s lesser sibling, it’s because of high-quality entertainments like Chase’s beloved mob drama. Translating that knack for storytelling into filmmaking just seems like a natural next step.

And yet, if anything, Chase’s work in Not Fade Away actually emphasizes what the two mediums don’t have in common. In Chase’s hands, a premise that could’ve worked equally well for TV or film turns into a messy, meandering movie that feels like it should’ve been a 13-episode season of an HBO drama.

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Tim Burton is planning to follow up his 3D Alice in Wonderland with a long-planned big-screen version of the cult ’60s vampire soap opera Dark Shadows. The film is being produced by Dark Shadows superfan Johnny Depp, who has long hoped to play lead character Barnabas Collins. Now he gets his chance. The film is reportedly set to shoot early this year, but no other cast has been announced.

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